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Help with identifying story series and/or author. :(


New Member
series of (at least) 3 stories concerning a race of cat taurs that come to earth.
Name of first story was something like "lost and found", but others I can't remember titles of.
ALSO can't remember name of author.

the series mentions a city/village named gills rock that the cat-taur's secluded camp is near, as well as humans finding out their existence when their electronic disguises fail while they're helping with rescue work after a tornado/storm. One of the cat-taurs is named "Stripple", who is a pilot of a shuttle that crashes on it's way down to earth after weather forces it down, and is rescued by a human woman "Janine" who's a P.I. and drives him to the secluded camp.

I've already checked numerous sites and searched names/places (including emailing chakat's den in hopes they might recognize elements of the stories) with absolutely NO luck. :(