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help with material


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Hello, i try to figure out what would be the best material to use on edges of eyes and lips (for semi and realistic fursuit masks)
Some cool masks got something like black silikone stuff - but not sure is that gonna be right stuff to use.
Thank you for any info in advance


Don't know what others use, but I've used 3 things so far. For the lips I sculpted it on and painted it afterwards. for the eyelid I folder some imitated leather and added a seam to make it look like a folded eyelid, and then around the rest of the eye I just used plain old felt to give that tapering effect. Best advice I can give is probably just to look at a lot of WiP's from other artists, and the "try and fail" method.

Nordo Huskamute

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If you're going for realistic, I use Apoxy Scuplt. It is a two part epoxy putty that dries very hard but is lightweight and really easy to work with. Its the same stuff DVC and most other makers use for realistic suits. You can order it from Amazon.


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^ This is the best thing for lips and eyes. I ended up using this on my head after being advised against paper clay (really light and easy to sculpt with, but apparently breaks easily). The apoxie putty is much tougher. And you can paint it whatever colour you need after it's dried.