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Help with New Fursona Design; $50 budget (closed)


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Don't got the Funds right now, but this is for a future inquiry

Hi, to start off I'd like to mention that I have been struggling on figuring out a Fursona for a number of years now. I finally believe I've discovered one, but I don't have any art of him, nor am I really all that good at drawing, especially Cat's, so I'd like to eventually hire someone to help me out.
As said in the quote, I don't have the funds at the time, but I should within a months time and would like to start seeking out an Artist in the mean time. Of course if you want to practice draw my character/fursona for free, feel free to do so. I'd appreciate it xD At least I'd have something to show for future arts.


I'll provide a lot of info on my character here. You don't have to read it all, of course, but I feel the more you know about a character, the easier it is to draw. You'll find some example pictures at the end of all this mess xD

Commission Art Idea
What I'm looking for is something almost Anime Style. Something Flat Colored, or Somewhat Shaded depending on what the Artists is comfortable doing within the stated Price range. I'd like a simple Front Pose/Back Pose Reference sheet, and an understandable Artist to help me with this considering you are helping me to design my character, so I'd like WIPs as to make sure what is drawn looks ok :x (As in me actually liking the idea I have in my head, and don't want to change something upon actually seeing it become reality) I'm a very understanding Commissioner, so you don't have to worry about me bitching or complaining.
You are free to figure out the pose and expression, and seeing as you are provided with a detailed list of what his personality is like, surely that could help.
If you think the price is too low, we could disgust something more appropriate. I will go based on your skill and if I think you can pull it off. No offense, but I'm feeling very close to this character and want to see him develop into the image I see in my head.
This being said, if someone does choose to help me with a practice free drawing, I wont care how he turns out and not complain in the least xD

Some basic and not so basic info
· Name: Zilar Donovan

· Alias: Silver

· Age: 29

· Species: Silver Maine Coon Cat

· Gender: Male

· Element: Lightning

· Birth Place: Azekiah (Planet); Untenzu (Town)

· Occupation: Rogue Warrior

· Family: Adopted

Mother – Lucina (Step-Mother)

Father – Theo (Step-Father)

Siblings – Isaac (younger step-brother)

· Mate: n/a

· Offspring: n/a


· Height: 4’11”

· Weight: 135lbs

· Main Pelt Colors: Silvery Grey

· Markings: Dark Grey

· Eye Color: Red

· Tongue: Fleshy Pale Pink

· Gums: Dark Fleshy Pink

· Paw Pads: Dark grey

· Claws: Black

Appearance Description

· Silver-like pelt with dark grey, symmetrical, stripes that branch out from a solid dark grey strip matching the lining of his spinal.

· Facial markings match that of any typical tabby as the colors around his whiskers are a pale grey that is almost white.

· His neck under his chin, his chest and belly all are also a pale, almost white, grey. Also the inside of his ears and the underpart of his tail carry this same trait.

· Whiskers are white.

· Dark Grey spinal stripe continues down the tail, ending at the tip. The tip of his tail is enveloped in the solid grey color. Stripes also branch out from tail stripe and almost circle all around the base of the tail, but instead blend into the light grey under-tail color.

· Fur is fluffy. Fluffier around the face, chest, and tail.

· Tail is very long, and very fluffy.

· Eyes are oddly a vibrant red for unknown reasons

· Rarely wears a shirt

· Wears black Japanese Samurai style Hakama Pants

· Wears wrappings around hands and Base of legs

· He is digilegged

· Hands are like a human’s, and claws aren’t retractable on the hands, but they are on the feet.

· Wears a special pad on the palm of his hands so he can form a fist and fight without worrying about digging his claws into his own hands.

· Tips of ears have long tuffs of hairs

· Has medium length messy dark gray head hair

· Medium Build with being Muscular


· Natural Smartass

· Laid Back, and doesn’t take anything serious

· Likes frequent naps

· Naturally a Loner, but not because he dislikes anyone. Just isn’t prone to socializing without a reason

· Rarely gets angry, but would rather act on his anger than try to belittle someone with words

· Doesn’t like awkward situations. Will most likely try and avoid such situations.

· Won’t look you in the eye unless there is some kind of mutual respect.

· Very timid, awkward and laughs a lot if he is around someone he doesn’t know but thinks they are really cool, or may even have somewhat of an attraction to them.

· Will have Sex, but he won’t seek it out, nor does he care much for it. Mostly Asexual.

· Doesn’t do well in relationships that last more than a year. Tends to feel he’s been in one spot for too long and starts finding the responsibility of keeping another happy as a bore. Feels bad for this commitment issue, so feels he isn’t cut out for any kind of serious relationship.

· Likes to mess with people he thinks deserves being picked on. Cause they are either an ass, or they complain too much.

· Tends to get close to one person at a time. Will do anything for said person.

· Favorite foods are a nice juicy steak or freshly baked, juicy, turkey. Only fish he likes, for a cat, is Salmon

· Has issues keeping his thoughts straight, so he does have the tendency to talk to himself when he is alone. Not the, “Hey self, how are you?!”, but rather if he has a problem he is trying to sort out, he’ll talk his ideas out loud. Sometimes he finds speaking out his problems helps him come to terms with any kind of emotional depression issues he may have. Since he isn’t close to more than one person, he finds it hard to console in anyone else but himself.

· This art is fascinating, but is too lazy to draw. Used to draw a lot when he was younger, but is too sporadic with his focus to stay in one place for too long in order to take the needed time to draw something decent.

· Will talk too if spoken too and will be friendly until you give him a reason not to be.

· Used to wish he was a wolf, like his adopted family, but after meeting other canine species, he found them to be rather annoying and changed his mind.

· Doesn’t like to be touched. Will likely bite, scratch, hiss, or, if he is in a good mood, tell you not to do so. Unless, of course, you happen to be that one person he resides his trust in, than you may pet his head. But that’s it! Touch his tail and you DIE!

· Doesn’t like to touch others, either, so don’t expect him to be very cuddly. This poses a problem when he is in a relationship cause the other tends to want to be rightfully cuddly. He’ll put up with it, at first, but it will eventually become too much for him to handle.

· Likes to travel and will use his fighting skills to help people out, but a lot of times he expects a reward for his righteous acts. Just for the sake of buying food and odd things here and there that he may come to like.

Example Picture References
Body Style:
(Not as Fluffy as your typical Maine Coon, so this represents how his Fur Length looks, and his long AF, fluffy AF, Tail)
(Like the Right version, of course :3)
Face Style/Markings:
(The markings would be more dark like in the next picture)
Marking Style/Tail Design:

Hair Style:
(#7's Style)

(He doesn't wear shoes, and of course you wouldn't have the 'Denim' logo on them xD His hands and ankles are wrapped in white wraps liked you'd see in hand/leg combat Martial Art styles. Or I guess you could say how some appear in Naruto)

Hope this isn't TOO MUCH xD


Hey I'd really like to work on this project with you! Maincoons are awesome cats :3 I can do a basic back/front reference sheet like this one for 40$ and I don't mind helping you with the design. I ususaly stream most of the process too.


Also a couple more example of my work:



Active Member
Ooooo, I would absolutely love to help you bring your fursona to life, and the amount of though/detail
you are providing via your thread only makes me all the more excited for this opportunity.

Here is a link to my commission thread and FA gallery for examples of my art style and quality.
You can contact me via note, private message, or email at karina(at)madsoftgames(dot)com .

Since my commissions have just been opened, and I am relatively new to FA, I am willing to negotiate
my price points and/or provide you with a payment plan so that everything remains as fair/stress-free as possible.
I very much hope to hear from you, and thanks again for this opportunity.


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Cats are my favorite type of animals so I have some experience drawing them and in different ways, A 3-point reference sheet would be $50





You can call me Oni~
Haha can already tell this is going to be a difficult discussion to make when it comes to choosing.


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Hey there! Hope I'm still in time to make the cut! I'd be interested in working on your character as well.
Considering your budget and what you're looking for, I can offer you a digitally flatcoloured reference sheet for 40$. Price includes three fullbody views, up to 5 close ups for details or bustshots for expressions, a chibi front/back view to show markings and a colour palette. My Weasyl gallery is full of completed ref sheet commissions I've done: ValyceNegative's submissions — Weasyl
I take payments via Paypal, and provide sketch and coloured WIPs for approval. You can also check my FA gallery for more examples of my style: Userpage of valery91thunder -- Fur Affinity [dot] net and if you'd like to contact me, you can either do it via FA note or email at alkalinesparks [at] hotmail [dot] it. ^^


You can call me Oni~
Wow, guys! You're all amazing! This is going to be a tough decision @.@ I haven't picked to talked to anyone, yet. I'm trying not to be hasty, and (as my description said) I won't have the money till closer to the end of the month. I'll get in contact with someone before then, of course :3
Regardless of whom I do pick to help me with this project, there's a good chance I'll be looking up some of you others later on too commission as well!


I love drawing kitties and this kitty has such pretty markings and colors!! Front pose and back references from me are $35-$50 (not sure if you would like a clothed view as well??)!

Examples of kitties (some NSFW):

www.furaffinity.net: Nightmother by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Mica Reference by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Lion Around by Rott-i-kins
www.furaffinity.net: COMMISSION: Back Up by Rott-i-kins

And of course plenty more in my gallery of just general examples if you want to check them out! Thanks so much for looking!


You can call me Oni~
First off I want to thank everyone for their interest in helping me out with this project :3 I will probably get in contact with some of you, in the future, for future projects.