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Help with Suit cleaning...


Just call me Pup~
Mostly how can I clean my feet paws? The other day I went suiting in my neighborhood and didn't realize my dog had came out with me. Until my sister said something.

Well.. While suiting. My dog went and pee'd on my feet paws. While I was wearing them!

Ever since I have been scrubbing at them to get them clean. The spot is disappearing. But the stain is still visible.

How can I get the stain out? From the cleaning I had done the foam came loose and now there's a nasty crease where you can see shoe underneath the foam work. The fur isn't hiding it well. But I got someone who can fix them. I just want them clean before handing them over to be fixed.

I got new feet paws anyhow. But I still want to use these for back up or for when I don't want to wear the digiboots.

Much help appreciated!

Duality Jack

Feeling Loki with it.
hydrogen peroxide. Test on a non-noticeable part to check for fading in case though.


Lazy Artist
Toss them in a pillowcase, tie it off, and toss it in the washing mashing with basic detergent (there are some special ones that are better but most work fine) on COLD. Tumble dry is ok and will help get out some water (no heat at all is allowed). Remove the paws and air out with a fan, brushing the fur every now and then as you go.

If this doesn't remove it, you're going to want to buy some special enzyme cleaner. I'm not sure how the fur does with said cleaner though.


Well...you tried
Take a shit on the suit, it'll cover up the spot.
Works every time.

It's the same principle as pouring white wine on your clothing to get rid of a red wine stain. I'd recommend rubbing a lemon on the affected area afterwards to mask the smell though, well unless you're a diaperfur because that'll add to the RP value.


Inglorious Bastard
I use a soap called dr.bonners as a prestain treatment for dirt and then wash it either by hand or machine in cold water. Then hang dry.