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Help would be aprusheeated

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Okay so last night I was downloaing a new art program called microsoft expression. It said it was going to be a 6 hour download so I just said "screw it" and clicked cancel, after about 5 minutes it was still trying to download the program and the cancel& X button was greyed out.

Sooo.... I panicked like a n00b and held the power button down to shut off my computer...

long story short is that now my computer boots fine but when it displays "Microsoft Windows XP" right before you choose your profile and type your password, it stops. It just sits at that screen for as long as the comp is on.
Does anyone know how to conquer & Dominate his problem??? :D

your help would be extremely appriciated!​


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Have you tried booting up in safe mode? If you look carefully at the text as your computer starts up you should be able to find the key to press to do this.

Also, I have doubts that this is even about microsoft expression at all. All it was was partly downloaded; it was never installed, so I don't think its that.

Hope it helps.


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Oh god....no...

This happened to me, except my power got unplugged by accident.

What my dad did to fix it was he took the Windows XP CD, put it in the computer, and then hit F8 when the computer was loading.

This takes you to a boot menu, and you have to choose boot from disk. I'm not sure if this will take you to a command prompt or if there's a few extra steps involved, but you have to type chkdskr at the command prompt. This tells it to check your harddrive and repair any errors it finds. Wait til' it's done, then restart computer. It SHOULD work.

If you don't have the Windows CD, this won't help.

Again, I'm not sure if this is all or part of what you need to do. If someone could clarify this better then I can, please tell him


I was wondering why you made 2 identical threads, but now I know. That was quite clever making one with bad splelling to attract all the non-serious posts, so the other one would get real advice without all the clutter. It's a shame Bunneh45 and VVhiteWolf had to spoil it by being helpful :p


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sorry guys, that was my terrible lolcats impression.....
I am on my friend's computer and he has a really weird keyboard so my hands don't feel natural so sometimes I hit hings I don't need to hit lol

Typos suck...


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Wait. A double-post topic. Wow, this is legendary.

OK, take a look at my post in the other topic. That should get you up and running.


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"This is legendary" Coming from a "forum legend" lulz :D


Since this is a duplicate, I'm going to close it.
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