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Here goes nothing.


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Hello to all who may read this!
This would be my first time posting on the FAforums as is pretty obvious because of where this is. But i figured i would go ahead and try this out.
I am LtBlackGrizzly or any number of version of that name is fine. Ive actually been in the fandom for years but i never really tried to make friends in it or even go so far as to engage at all. But now that i have actually made my own actual fursona... and have subsequently made an OC that i love so much more... i feel like i would like some friends who i can enjoy the fandom with. So feel free to ask me any questions or talk to me in general. I dont think im a monster and hopefully you dont either :D

Honestly i really hope to make some good friends here.

Im also known as TyranidBear on reddit so you may have seen me around.


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

This is a great place for making friends. I'm sure you'll find plenty.

And don't worry, most of us don't bite. :)


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Howdy! I was in a similar situation as you back near the end of last year! Welcome to the mad house~


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Welcome to the forums!