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Here's the real question. Paws or Maws?

Paws or Maws

  • Paws

    Votes: 43 56.6%
  • Maws

    Votes: 17 22.4%
  • Both

    Votes: 15 19.7%
  • Snoots (For Booping Of Course!)

    Votes: 6 7.9%

  • Total voters

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*
I object! Snoots is not an option in the poll!

Foxy Emy

*Mischivious Noises*


The Fox Is Back In Town!


(Oh god not a new type of would you rather post. *flashbacks to boxer brief thread* uh oh)

I’m going to probably be part of the outliars club and choose snoots. The compelling booping you could do on those is too much to handle for the average human being, you can’t resist the call.

See? Like even I’m compelled right now

*boops next person to post on the snoot*