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He's a Naga!


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Because my actual fursona is dull and boring and is basically me with a fuzzy skin, here's a far more interesting character that created for rp purposes.

Name: Tobias Majare
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Species: Blue Naga


- Hair and fur: He's got a black gotie and a black ponytail, but other then that he's kinda a 'scalie' so no fur. He's blue though, with an emerald underbelly.

- Markings: He's got these dark green stripes running down his back, and a couple of green markings around his face.

- Eye color: Red. 'cause.

- Other features: He's actually rather sleek for a naga, most would call him frail, but they're just underestimating him. His tail is flat like a Sea crate (sp?) so he can swim pretty well. He also has the poison, plus he's got a 'spot' in both his palms that're darker then the rest. Poison comes from a gland there.

Behavior and Personality: Cocky and cynical. He pretty much is of the opinion that the world is fucked and that there's really no reason to go around helping people when everyone else is simply looking out for themselves.

Skills: He speciallizes in throwing knives, and knife fighting in particular. Oh, and the poison...and swimming.
Weaknesses: He's not one on 'brawn' so he can be overpowered pretty easily, plus he has poison 'palms' not poison 'fangs'. sure, he's got sharp teeth, but if he wants to down you, he needs to hit you with one of his knives, which he regularly 'venoms up'. Plus his venom is more like a powerful sedative then anything lethal.

Likes: sneaking about, unattached sex, 'sticking it to the man', the sound of a well thrown knife
Dislikes: Athority, 'those cheritable types', 'happy people' in general

History: Once upon a time Tobi was a normal teenager with a strict father who was on his way to becoming a successful citizen. He got bit by a deseased snakeman, turned into a snake, and was tossed on his rear. This event, along with many other unfortunate revelations that come with attempting to eke out a living as a social outcast, have given dear Tobi a rather dark view on life. Thus he makes his living as an assassin, killing others for shits and giggles and his next paycheck.


Goal: To catch something of interest and make it his own. He's a real possessive fella.

Profession: Assassin (Can't spell it without the 'ass'!)

Personal quote: "Why bother? We're all fucked in the end anyway."

Theme song: (This would be an interesting thing to come back to...)

Orientation: Bi curious, mostly straight but he's got a 'taste' for dudes. He refuses to be topped though.


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Holy crap a Naga! There's more of me out there!

I love Naga's, I wish there were more out there/more pictures of them out there...especially males. I've found one good picture of a naga and it was a female. *sighs*
Have you browsed on FA and DA? There are some good ones, I mean unless you're talking about the pics I've seen already, then yeah there needs to me more. We are pretty scarce...


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Have you browsed on FA and DA? There are some good ones, I mean unless you're talking about the pics I've seen already, then yeah there needs to me more. We are pretty scarce...

I haven't looked up furry on DA yet...and have yet to properly look up anything on FA yet either. I'm picky about my naga's though, which doesn't help as there are so few out there.

So I made my own. *grins*


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Samuel L Jackson's Nightmare
I approve of this character :p