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Hewge Offers


Banana Party
I almost never do free artwork for people, but I might just for you - because reasons.
I will only be doing maybe 2 drawings - they will most likely be a simple pin-up/waist-up, or headshot profile.

-Any gender, any species(even humans) are OK.

-Please just provide a reference of your character.

-It will not be first-come, first-serve.

-Drawing may range from sketch to full-color, purely depending on how I feel.

-You don't need to be watching me, but it's appreciated if you do.

A few examples of my drawings can be seen in my gallery. Sorry for lack thereof.
Here's some more examples I guess: 1 2 3 4


Slot 1: N/A

Slot 2: N/A


King of Kawaii; That Token Femboy
Okay, here's mine shes feline/reptile hybrid '^_^


I havent posted the new ref but I changed the light blue to the brown color like around her eyes

I'd really love to see her in anthro so if you decide to do it thanks a bunch

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
Have a go at my goat wizard.

He could use a different art style.


Shadow of the Night
I don't have an official ref for any of my characters, but I have drawn them in ways that show their markings and such. Here is my main one, Avlenna. She is a wolf/dragon hybrid.



Pepmurrmint Fox


Parking Lot Enthusiast
Pleaaaaaasse draw meeeee Hewge.
Make it sexy. Need at least one gratuitous fursona picture to be a furry.
I've got ref material on my page.


Active Member
It took me a day, but I just realised that the title is a pun. Just thought you should know.


Liu Ming maybe? I'll do a trade with you if you like, I'd be very happy <3




Lone wotter
Hey, not sure if your still doing the free artwork or not, but I recently started going out with a guy who can't afford a ref sheet or basic drawing of his sona. If you are still picking could you do this for me, it would mean the world to him and me.

His sona is similar to this one, but instead, remove the red striping and make his main fur color black with his secondary color being olive green. Make sure you leave his eyes green.

Thank you and have a good day!


Butt Simulator
Have a go at my Space Pirate Bunny if you'd like! http://www.furaffinity.net/view/13842142/

Sorry I don't have more for you to reference, the other works I have of her are either scrapped or not completed yet. She is a light blue color with her belly, fluffy part of her arms and legs, her tail, and the lower part of her face and the tuft on the top of her head are white. The cannon thing on her arm is completely optional though she does tend to have her right eye covered by an eye patch. The attire she's wearing isn't canon at all but feel free to use it or have fun with giving her new attire (or none at all if you wish lol up to you). As for posing or whatever, just have fun with it! I'm not picky at all. ^__^