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I'm a writer-artist in discovery , I-Uh hang on a sec i wanna say something first :

Furry cola , furrmass , furpes , furpetitis , fur....aids.... , furry claws , furry the surprise slayer , winni the poo award winning best furry book , fur book , furmobile , Furb , Kurama the naruto jinchuriki ,tekken... With fur in it , Fluffy (Another anime one ) , Neko Sasuke , Furple nurple , anthronomy (astrology ) ,
B date (Bird date online stuff ) , Reptile people meet (online stuff ) zzzzzz OH! And whatever dog was said Obama liked ...

There , now that I have all(almost all ) the puns out of my sistem , introduction , I've always though that furrows were a perverted thing ever since I logged on to e621 by accident , but now that I've found a good furry site i feel like it might be ok . and if it's not dont tell people I'm here .

I'll be honest people call me a talker , well not because of how much i say but of what I say people usually call me crazy but then again every inventor in history was thought crazy at one point but--

Let me just get to my point , if not I'll just go on and on . I'm currently thinking of making a web comic since chochi -- I liked the jokes not the sex scenes -- left , and I'm trying to make something to fill the gap ---this is not a spin off --- it's a totally new thing , characters and story etc .

I often try to create my own furry character with an art style " like " his , in all honesty I was really sad when that comic hit an unfulfilling end , and I really feel like a comic with funny , comic book furrows would be good .

Kk so to rap it up , I'm not fond of Birds (I always imagined a lot of messy feathers and a big beak ) or lizard characters (Only like the good ones )for my so-so work , but I do like talking to them since they are charming when well drawn by most people.

Eh also I made a fur acc for my drawer side same name and everything sorry for long hello yadayada yada...

Long live Furries!!!!

Edit : I had thought this was a home , not a stay like in an in but whatevs thanks!
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Why thank you <3 I am cute awent I , Soft too ;3

Lol no worries kidding .