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Hey, All.


Hey, all.
I've been a member of the FA art community since February and thought I'd join up in the forums.

I don't have a set fursona, but my username is the name of one of my characters--a genet, a species which is related to the civet.

I'm big into drawing, although I'm not really that good.

Umm... that's pretty much all I have to say about me at the moment.
Nice to meet you all. ;D

Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
Welcome to the FA forums, Kaku. :) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)


Tarai~ Tarai~ Tarai~!
Welcome, Kaku! Enjoy your stay at FA~


Tarai~ Tarai~ Tarai~!
No problem. Hehe, I try to be friendly~


Tarai~ Tarai~ Tarai~!
Don't worry, I don't. What would inspire you to think that? :wink: