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Hey all ^^


New Member
Hello everybody!
I'm Cry-Alkali! I've had a FA account for a while but I was never active, so most of the features of this website are new to me-- including the forums ;v;
There's not much to me other than that I'm an artist! I've been drawing for a while now, and I've been in this fandom (though inactive most of the time) since about 2015 ^^
Normally I only post art though, so I don't really know many people in this fandom! It'd be nice to talk to some of y'all!


Engineering Wolf
Hello and welcome to the forums.

I'm Trivean, just call me Triv. I also post art and writing a bit. Nice to meet you.
Hello and welcome to the forums

Due to the fact that you always greet everyone almost the first, you began to remind me of a guy from Futurama