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Hey all!


Hi there, I'm new to the forum and thought I'd drop in to say hi 8D

I've been on FA a few years and enjoyed it thus far (besides the downtime >>). I'm a FTM transboy from Wales, UK and am an artist specializing in anthros (duh). I'm very spiritual, and follow the paths of Wiccan and Shamanism (I mix them a bit).

I'm also a wolf therianthrope, a 'modern day werewolf' and lots of other things :3

Nice to meet you all! *wags*


JD the shapeshifter mage
yo, welcome, hope you enjoy your stay,
hit me up if you want to talk


Hello!!! You are Wiccan??? Sweet. Im pagan, i started to look into the ideals of Wiccans tho, so if you would care to explain them sometime on yahoo im? *hands a cookie with a pentacle on it* Made it mehself!


Lonely Bunny
Hello and welcome to FAF! Feel free to chat me up anytime!
Info is over there!


When in doubt: C4
I've known a couple of Wiccans. They are alright people. hmmm....You're name is intriguing though. Winged Wolves shouldn't be taken too lightly (trust me, I've met a couple of them), but whatever. (met a few werewolves, too. Not particularly fond of the vast majority of them.) Welcome to the FAF. *digs in his bag of Randomness and pulls out a lily and hands it to you* here, have a Lily.


Restless and lonely Dragon
Welcome onboard ^^

Please forgive me my unknownness, but what are
Wiccan, Shamanism, wolf therianthrope

Have a coo... ARGH! Ey, fox guy, it's MY duty to hand the newbies the cookies!


When in doubt: C4
Wiccans believe basically (from what I take on it) that nature is a deity; that the earth itself is a god, and one to be worshiped. They also worship the animals and plants in nature.

Shamanism - I don't know much about.

Therianism is the belief that you are an animal or that you can shapeshift into one.


When in doubt: C4
umm....Captain Planet and Final Fantasy: Spirits Within are decent examples I think of at least mild Wiccanism.


I wouldn't consider Captain Planet or Spirits Within to be anything like Wicca. Sure, it's a nature worshipping religion, but it has rules and such. I'm not a strict Wiccan, the most I do is celebrate the sabbats and perform rituals.

Shamanism to me, is the belief that everything is tied together in a delicate web of life. Nothing can survive alone, and this is more to my beliefs than Wicca. You could say I take Wiccan rituals and apply them to shamanism. I consider all animals and plants sacred, but not to a OMG RELIGIOUS! point.

It's hard to explain, I guess.

Therianthropy is basically what you said. The view/belief that our soul is an animal, or we have a very close spiritual bond with a certain animal. Wolves and crows are for me, my life animals, or whatever you would call them.

What's wrong with winged wolves? >: I've actually never met any apart from myself, and I only added wings to my 'fursona' because of my affinity for crows, also :0

Nice to meet you all :0


When in doubt: C4
winged wolves can either be angelic or demonic. Most are angelic. I would say that I respect you because wolves and crows usually don't get along all that well. (For the record, most wolves - angels or not - don't like to fly.) But I do have respect for you.


I'm not anything to do with Angels, and if any, I'd be more like a demon. But I'm not sure I believe in either >> Crows(and Ravens, of course) and wolves are said to get on well spiritually in Native American stories and such. I'm not sure.

I respect you too :3


JD the shapeshifter mage
i use to study wiccan, but couldnt get in to it. iv even got a book on it.

Renton Whitetail

Friendly Mod
Salutations, WingedWolf, and welcome to the FA forums. :cool: Feel free to leave me a PM at any time if you ever need help with anything, or if you just want to have a nice, friendly chat. :) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)