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Hey baby imma wisper in your ear, i have somthing that you may like to hear,


What is up my dudes?​

My name, is well.. Just call me kovy please, or kovi. My pronouns are them/they (Him is fine) My character is a cute femboi horse :3 I tried my best to model him closest to my personality and my physical traits heh^^

What brought me to the forum is that, I wanted to get to know the members a bit better then on the site like i was doing before, i find this easier and such :3

If you are a curious cat, here is my account Userpage of kovichoatskovh -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

The other reason i came here is that i was looking for more people to do commissions, art trades and maybe requests for people too!
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Imma bat in yer rafters
Welcome! We have many sub-forums for people's individual needs. We have places for arts trades, art discussion, etc. And if you just want to chat and goof off, we have community and general discussion.

And now you will never escape...