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Hey everyone! New-ish fur here!


New Member
How's it going? Seeing as sports season is over and school is all but let out for summer, I now have quite a bit of free time on my hands, so I thought it would be a perfect time to finally join this fandom. I've been lurking on various websites around the net for about a year now, so I have a vague idea of how these things work. Still though, I have no real personal experiences with the community, which of course also means no fursonas or anything like that, so any advice is very greatly appreciated. Anyways, I'm looking forward to spending some time on the forums and I hope to see some of you guys around!


Pilot in training
Welcome. Tips for creating a fursona: find an animal that matches you, such as your favorite (Don't do a wolf like 80% of other people have), and add a slight unique twist to it. Nothing too outrageous, just make it you.