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Hey guys, free drawings! I need the practice



Hey fellas I'm up for doing some drawings right now, and I'd like for some of you to send me requests for drawings so I can practice my art skills. I'm not quite sure whether or not I'd be considered good, but I can link my FA gallery below. Thank you for any future requests, and I'll try to fill as many as I can. :)

my FA acc: Userpage of JackTheBlackSheep -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
my latest drawing (5-18-19): www.furaffinity.net: OC(s) Request - Euginey Burnt by JackTheBlackSheep

UPDATE (6/11/19): 5/14 requests down!

UPDATE (6/25/19): THREAD CLOSED, I am no longer accepting any new requests. Thank you for understanding.
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Captain TrashPanda

A broke college racc
*nyooms in*
how bout my soldier coon james? any pose works tbh, whether in uniform or casual wear


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Digital Artist/Software Developer


Cat With A Guitar
Would drawing Leah interest you? If so, draw her in her outfit please!

Thank you for the opportunity!


Queen of Laziness
Hi, fren! If you want to draw a scaly, I have one you can draw! My beardie sona, Mae is always open for any opportunity. Files of images for her will be attached below.

Happy drawing, fren~


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Here To Stay It Seems!
Hey there! So ima say sorry In advance if I don’t give a lot of detail! But if you’d consider my wolffo I’d be greatly appreciated the only reference I have is my profile picture... tho I would love him in a different style! But with maybe some blonde instead of black mixed in! Thanks for the consideration!


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Diamond Creator

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How about my character?


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