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Hey Guys! GG Here!


Hey guys!

Decided to make an account here after lurking for a while. Name's GamingGal, but feel free to call me GG or Gal, whatever you prefer. If you've seen that name elsewhere, it's most likely me, so feel free to say hey! A little bit about me: I'm an English major at a university with no idea what I'm really doing. Debating on Journalism or something. I simply wanna be paid to write, haha. That being said, I love writing and role-playing and stuff. I have three cats and a snake, all of whom get along very well surprisingly. I'm also an out and proud lesbian; shout out to my lgbtq peeps!

Now to the fun stuff.

I have a lion character named Aaria, and you can see a cute chibi version as my avatar. She's a lioness that generally sports a rainbow mane made of feathers. She's part of a pride that is run by a male, but she is the real leader (he's just a figurehead) with her partner Callidora by her side. She's generally cocky and proud of her lady-loving self and sports a running distrust of males. She's very loving to those close to her, and she tends to wear her heart on her sleeve when it comes to others. I created her as a character on a previous SIM game I was a part of, but I've poured so much of myself into her that I feel she's a part of me. She's the outgoing side of me, the confident side.

I'm also.....playing with the idea of a deer fursona. I've always felt a very strange, deep connection to deer. They are beautiful and elegant yet shy and secretive. I'm toying with the idea of creating one to be the other side of me, the quiet and shy side. We shall see!


Glad to be here! :D


Hey, welcome to the forums! Aaria is incredibly pretty!

I'm also a big fan of deer/ungulates. My own fursona is actually a hybrid between a marten and a duiker. Have you played around with the idea of creating a hybrid?

Also, what kind of snake do you have?


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Hello and welcome GG! very cutie lion:)


Feral -- I have a ball python named Jafar. Probably about two feet long right now :) And I've considered the idea of a hybrid, but still very unsure as to what I want ^^;