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Hey, guys!

Hey, guys! My name's Jordan. I have sort of lost my fursona because I recently decided I don't really like him that much, in all honesty... so I'm sort of between "avatars". But, anyway, I'm new the forums. I just wanted to join so I could hopefully meet some more people in the fandom. I'm sort of a lowly lurker amongst furs so I was just checkin' out what the other people were doing! Shoot me a message sometime! Thanks a lot!


"toxic and negative"
Haha, that's cool. Welcome to the forums! I'd be happy to redirect you to someone who knows what they're talking about if you need help. :p
(On a side note, I couldn't help but read the thread title and think of Sloth... "HEY YOU GUYS!" Sorry.)
Haha. That's awesome. I'm glad you thought of that. That's so bomb. =p Thanks for the kind words. I realize, only now that it's morning, that when I wrote this, I was very, very tired and it's almost incoherent. I sound so stupid! :p