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Hey... here from a reccomendation.


New Member
A buddy reccomended this to me from Second Life. Thought i'd check it out while SL is down.


Haelken Pathfinder
*A riftway appears and a massive black dire-wolf steps through*Greetings, and welcome to our realm. I do hope you will stay for a time and enjoy our hospitality...*grins wickedly*May luck guide you, that you may find what you seek.*The wolf turns and steps back through the riftway which closes with a Clap!*


Blessing In Disguise
hey Repentor...welcome =)


New Member
They just said that a lot of people who play SL coe on here a lot for a artwork or to look for other people on SL. I really dunno what I'm here for yet... boredom?


welcome!!! *Hands you the "DOWNTIME COOKIEEEEE!" and flies away*


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Right then... ill find something to do... except i heard that someone posted a very highly disturbing story about my SL character on here...
oh really? do you know who?


New Member
Hello there, I'm an SL person too *Grins* So I'm guessing I'm not the only one, though I've only been here a little while also.

Come from the bordom, stay for the cookies...

Make sure the goomba's don't get you >.<, like the time with the bouncy balls, balls everywhere, oh the shame!