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Hey hey


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Hey, I'm Cry. I've been on FA for a few days, and joined the forum just now. I'm still learning how to use the site, so forgive me for the barren accounts & stuff.

I really like creating adoptables! And monsters/creatures/mechs- I typically draw in a Hellboy-esque style, but im trying to get better at drawing rlly cutesy/pokemon-like stuff.

I hope it's okay to post an adopt i made here. I find it cute

Anyways, hi lol
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Eternally Confused Feline
It is!! They're one of my favorite big cats lol theyre literally like insane lil goblins
Wooooo I've been recommending them to new furries on /r/furry for a while now. They're criminally underused. I would, but I haven't got any character ideas for one yet. Same goes for a bunch of other species.

Either way, hope you have a good time here! I've been lurking on FA for years but only started posting around September, and I joined the forums last month. It feels great to actually interact with the fandom.


Evil Woffer-chan
Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.