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Hey! I would love to be a part of the fandom!


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Hello everyone. I'm currently an undergrad applied mathematics student (entering my fourth year). I will then be entering graduate school where I plan to receive my masters and then PhD in engineering (mechanical). I'm mostly interested in math, science, casual photography, music, and animals. Academics come naturally to me, but social skills unfortunately do not. I'm extremely socially awkward. At my University, I talk to people but only on a professional, really. I have only had a few close friends over the years, with which I could discuss anything. I'm quite reserved until I know someone well. Anyway, I have been interested in furry fandom for years (I have learned all I could over the internet, particularly furry youtubers), but recently decided to try to meet some furries. I think it would be great to get a fursuit one day, a dalmatian mix, but I don't want to wait any longer to participate in the fandom. Does anyone have any advice for getting started? I appologize for the long intro, but I feel like the fandom is a place where I may be able to finally be myself.


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Woo, best wishes to another person interested in doing their Phd! I'm about to start mine [hopefully quite soon] in architecture, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well!
I'm myself a new "addition" to the fandom as well, even though I have had an account here since 2011 - it took me years to admit to myself that furry is really my thing and that I want to dive deeper into this fandom. I'm very happy that I did, because I've already met tons and tons of awesome people. Sure, there will be some you don't get along well with, but that's everywhere, really.
As for getting started, I suggest just taking part in the discussions, browsing the site and the forums, perhaps collecting the art you're fond of via favourites? There's also many discord and telegram channels you might want to join to simply talk to people about random stuff.


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Welcome to the forum, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay!


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No, you can't. Only the stupidest of the cringiest are allowed in our fandom club thing.


Hey @Cowmatian , I met in your post about that movie, but welcome the forums! I'm in a similar field, structural and civil engineering, but I started off in architecture xD


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A PhD in Mechanical Engineering. WOOH!

Well, getting a fursuit isn't a necessity if you wanna be a part of the furry community. Talk around with some people around the community if you wanna get more involved at the community!


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Thanks for the welcomes everybody! I remember you cybrid from the "creep" post. Also, civil engineering was actually one of the majors that I seriously considered. Ladyfromeast, a phd in architecture sounds really fascinating. Vince_werewolf, I know a fursuit isn't necessary, but I would love to get one one day. Fursuiting is how I discovered the fandom and it seems so fun. And last, pipistele, I think I meet or exceed the cringy requisite :D.
Seriously, thank you all for the welcomes. I think I'll enjoy it here!