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Hey Midwest furs


Pants suck.
Aren't you glad you live here?

I'm in arkansas. I miss snow. We're getting christmasy rain.


He's like, this guy, you know?
We got a dusting, then it melted, and now it's raining. BTW, I'm located under the Weather Channel logo... :p


It's funny as hell seeing the people with front wheel drive.
i like passing the 4wd vehicles in the ditch with my rwd cars :)

safe driving to everyone down there, pay attention to your environment and remember that stopping is more important then going

lol at some drivers :p they really need to learn how to drive

no such things days off for snow days here up here , they dont care if its blizzard or -60f ambient for school or work :(
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I've lived in Minnesota for 21 years and have had two snow days ever. We've had school with -40F temps, not windchill. One of those snows days was because the pipes at the school burst, and we all had to go home.

I don't expect my school to cancel any classes tomorrow, once you get to college they don't really cancel class. You just don't go if you don't want to.

We had classes cancelled last year...but that was more along teh lines of whether or not the teacher a) would be able to get there b) thought that students would actually show up c) was fuck-tard who got to class and just fapped for an hour because no student showed up XD


Snow finally did us Midwesters some good, pretty much every school in West Michigan was closed today :3