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Hey (or the long overdue introduction)


New Member
Hey there fellow furs. names Toby (or Jonathan if you prefer to use real names). As the title states, I am long overdue posting on here.

I've been active in the fandom for the past year or so, occasionally posting what (poor, imo) art I can. I haven't had much luck in finding others to connect with in the fandom and.... Ok yup I'm looking for friends lol.

I am an avid aviation enthusiast, that in real life is working on cosmetic restoration of a Gloster Meteor TT.20 (NF-11). I also enjoy gaming loads, regularly playing on PC/PS4/Switch, as well as Flight Simulation on Xplane 11 which I do repaints for too.

So yeah, if anyone is interested in the same stuff, be sure to.... Like, Subscribe and... Wait, that's not right lol. (Yup my randomly spontaneous comedy fails yet again).

If anyone is interested in the same stuff, be sure to drop by. Hope you are all well.