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Hey there, everyone.


New Member
Hi guys! Still relatively new to the furry community on the whole, so I figured I'd put myself out there and get to know people. A few things about me:
  • Like a lot of people I read, watch anime, play video games, etc. etc.
  • I love food and preparing it, particularly sweets (and I'm happy to share! ;))
  • Although my budget doesn't allow it, I like to travel and see new places.
  • My fursona is a black dingo.
Nice to meet you all! :)


See ya latter ****ers.
Hello and welcome c0mrade.

Have fun.

I also like anime.

What is you favorite anime.


cute newbie kitten
hello and welcome
come on in, I'm sure you'll fit in well here
right this way to have lots of fun and meet interesting new people
can I offer you some biscuits first?
I also like foods.


Well salutations there!
I read a lot too (Maybe a bit too much) but not so much anime.

Now to business. I haven't come around to this part of the forum for a while, so I'm positively overflowing with tea.
And it all need to go. I don't want Zach eating all the teabags.

Would you happen to be a tea person, by any chance?


New Member
veeno: Hmm, it's kinda tough to pick just one... My all-time favorite is probably Beck/Mongolian Chop Squad. Ever heard of it? Though FMA holds a special place in my heart as well. :3

Biscuits? Tea? Don't mind if I do--they go perfectly together :grin:


Flarei Le Loup
I'm only good at pies. I make a BEAST pie.