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Hey there, new to all of this..


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Hey there folks, I'm grassfed! I just recently stumbled upon this whole furry thing and at first I thought it was pretty weird but the more I watch videos on it and stuff it actually seems like it would be a really fun thing to do. I first discovered Furries when I somehow came across a video for Anthrocon 2015 and I was really confused at first, I had no idea there was cons for things like this, or that they would even be so huge! The more I watch videos though, I see how inviting and positive the energy is at these events and it seems like you could have a really good time, whether you have a fursuit or not.

Anyway I hope to learn a lot more about this by being here. I'll be lurking and reading, cheers! :grin:


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Welcome to the wonderful world of the furry fandom! I'm sure you'll fit right in! And cheers yourself!