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Hey there


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This is me, I am the Phyrbyrd, I am new to FA...
*breaks down in sobbing* Somebody help me, I don't know the rules! I have three different galleries now (four if you count Elfwood - I don't), I know where DeviantArt draws its mature content line, I know Y!Gallery is a picky little snot where it comes to furries and women, I was under the impression that I could only post furries here and then someone tells me something different - what can I post in FurAffinity?
If I can post fur, mature, both genders, still life, tattoo design and textiles here then I think I have a new favourite gallery... :D
Hello fellow rodent and welcome to the forums. I am sorry I can't help you that much with your question as I don't even attempt to draw since I am that bad at it. I do look a bit though, but am still relatively new so haven't seen that much. I know with mature drawings that you need to set them as such so that they are filtered accordingly but I think most things go on here form what I seen. People also post photography a lot and pictures of fursuits too. Think it just has to kinda revolve around being furry though in some sense but I have seen a wide array of things on FA so far. Perhaps someone who actually posts stuff on FA may know a little more or I think they have rules listed somewhere on that site.

Anyways, welcome and have fun posting.


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If it's furry you can submit it =3 (with proper filtering labels of corse X3) And even if it isn't furry it seems you can submit it, since there are a few human/dragon ball/...other human things on this site. Anyway welcome to FA =3 Free pastries for new comers.

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Welcome to the FA forums, Phyrbyrd. :) In answer to your question, I'm sure you can submit fur, mature, both genders, still life, tattoo design, textiles, and other artwork onto FA. None of your work have to strictly involve furry only; like Thietogreth said, there have been people who posted their artworks or photographs onto FA that are non-furry related. :p

If you have any further questions or concerns that you need addressed, you can direct them to me or the other staff members on here through PM, and we'll be glad to help you out in any way we can. :) Hope you enjoy your stay on here. ;)


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W00t! Pastries AND a place to keep all my art. Bonza, I think I'm gonna like it here...