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Hey there.. ^^''


Can't keep a good dog down
hey! =3 and i noticed from the other things i didnt even say anything bout mahself'z..

currently in florida.. too hot.. cant wait for winter XP

my fursona is a snow wolf ( i think ) and what got me into the furfandom was old cartoons and secondlife. ^^'

my passion in life is musix and art'z! :D and im currently a senior class of 2011. ;D

so chya.. idk wat els to put.. ermm if u have an sl just throw me your name and il add you, same with steam or xboxlive. :3
Heheh, I still like summer better, but that's cause I live further north than you. Your winters are prolly pleasant every day of the season.

Nice to meet you ^^
Pittsburgh :3 Although I go to school a bit further north. Srsly, it's nothing but slush and cold and grey in the winter time there. It's also VERY windy around there (for some reason...I haven't quite figured this out yet) Anyway, I used to LOVE winter until after I started going to school there. So now I'm a summer guy XD Although this part of the year is prolly my favorite. Not quite fall yet, but you can tell things are starting to change a bit :3


Can't keep a good dog down
haha i know what you mean, id love to go back up north with a passion, but its either boring depressing or just too gray for me.

but down here u cant do anything unless you have money. and im not the biggest high roller around, all my plenty money goes to gas and cellphone bills. ^^


PSN ID: Slydude851
Your avatar looks warped. Like it went through the washing machine on high and the colors got mixed up or something.

DA isn't my favourite place to check out artwork, not as lenient.

Whatever though, welcome to the forums!