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Hey, what are your favorite songs? ;)


Also a big fan of the Joker
My favourites are Songs from the eighties
like Everbody wants to rule the world by tears for fears
Hungry like the wolf by Duran Duran
Once in a lifetime by talking heads
And a whole heap of early 2000s and 70s hits.

Van the cheesen one

What is this? What is that??

Aaaaand another!!
Going strong x3>
A little Siren, having a nibble at a yummy Sailor


Looking forward to the next one x3


Deviated Prevert
My favorite song, off my favorite album by my favorite singer is Luka by Suzanne Vega. I can't say it's my actual favorite song, though. It's about child abuse.

Besides saying that, my favorite song really depends on my mood at the moment and even naming a top 10 would be hard. Naming singers is vastly easier for me because I generally like whole albums and the songs blend together in my head.