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Hey, WoW players


Is it possible to pay with Paypal, or anything NOT a credit card? I've been trying for an hour to find a way to upgrade from trial account but I do not have a credit card. I just get one of five or more different pages contradicting the help section.

Maybe you could ask on the official forum what this is all about for me? Not being a paying member, I can't even ask them properly how I can buy their game. OH THE IRONY.


Yep! You can pay with paypal but uhhh I don't remember how.


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I know you can pay for the subscription with Paypal, but I don't know if you can upgrade from a trial account with it. If you'd like I can ask on the forum for you.


Hit 'em right between the eyes
They have 60 day-prepaid game cards. I thought those could be used to do it.

Those only extend a current subscription. As far as I know, the only way is to purchase a full WoW license online, or buy the actual box. Considering the WoW Battle Chests (that come with BC) are less than $50, it may be more worth it to do that instead.


If you don't have a Credit card just buy a Pre-paid game card at Wallmart


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Does Blizzard Tech Support talk about this kind of stuff?


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It is possible to pay with paypal, and I think you have to go to payment options in the Account manager to do so.