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Born To Be A Hero
Hey guys!
I decided to make an account for furaffinity.

Don't know what I should talk about exactly.
I'm mostly active on toyhouse and discord. And since last year I'm back and into drawing again.

Atm I'm also looking for an art buddie to have someone to talk about everything with art and stuff 'cause I really love to talk about my characters and such. So, If you're interested, look in this thread. I'm excited for answers <3
I do have all of my characters on my toyhouse account. Actually all of my art stuff is on toyhouse atm. I also have threads for free art and art trades there.



Well-Known Member
Hello! Hope you have a good time around here! From what I can tell, art buddies shouldn’t be too difficult to find around here, so I think you’ll find what you’re looking for!