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Squirrely Gurly
Hey. My name is Ashley, and I'm new to...well, being a furry in general. It was always something that I liked, and now here I am. I have no idea what my fursona is, I've been trying to figure that out. I looked around the furum before signing up, and liked what I saw. I checked out some pics, hoping that would help with the fursona problem. All I found out was that people have more fursona's then I thought. All I knew of was canids and felines. Didn't expect the dragons, birds, and aquatic ones. I'm glad to be here, and hope it'll be as fun as I was, well, hoping.

Doctor Timewolf

Time Traveller


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Hi and Welcome.


Now with 90% more of 90% less
Its always good to have another ashley on board^_^. Welcome and I hope you can find it within you to ignore the trolls and realize that there are MANY idiots on this site


In Beta We Trust
Welcome mate, enjoy yaself


Welcome to the forum!