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Recycled words
I'm just glad to find a furry forum that isn't a bunch of kids.

I'm 19 (yeh basically a kid myself), currently in uni, I recently got back into bmx biking and recently spent some time in the hospital as a result. I play guitar, I have been for 12 years, I'm heavily into music and have worked in the industry.

My fursona, typical North american red fox, yes, common as all hell and most are whores and generally alot of people new to the culture seem to pick a fox, but it just feels right. I've gotten back into art after doing nothing artistic over the last year other than mechanical blueprints for uni, so, I may put some stuff up when I'm at least happy with it.

I recently came out as bi, generally well accepted, which was a relief, I've been hiding it for years.

yeh, that's about it.
Good morrow to you sir, and do have your self a pleasant visit



FAF's #1 Terrorist
If by kids you mean a bunch of twelve year olds, then no we don't have those

We're around the mid teens and beyond