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well... odaith (green eastern dragon) my friend was sleeping on aim =) so i drew all over his dragon body... heh i had fun with my little magic marker friend =) the next day i drew a picture of it... i do not know where to put it because i think its adult but im not too sure. the picture is him with magic marker drawings and writings on his body. i put enter here (arrow points to tail hole) and happy place (his member in its sheath. it does not show in picture. not erect) so where would it be placed on fur affinity?

i should fix his fore arms.... and add his wings...also color it

well sorry... he liked it =) and i thought it was funny.

how is it real-live porn? when i drew it... also this is not the forum for the site
furaffinity.net ?


Master of Disaster
Yeah...you're not allowed to post real-life porn on FA.

Also, I feel sorry that you are such a jerk to your friend.
So, basically, you're asking what to label the picture as?
Is there a way to image host it or something, so I know what you're talking about?


killer0168 said:
(his member in its sheath. it does not show in picture. not erect)

Holy hell, I've heard of un-circumcized but....

well i would show you the picture but it says invalid adress... its a TIF Image, i scanned it to my other computer then sent it to this one... its not letting me... is there a way to change the type? / image to something else?