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Heya, I'm new (kinda) ^^



Hi there, I'm Randalieren, otherwise known as Oz (or Daddy Oz). I'm not exactly new to furaffinity but I am a bit new to the forums. I'm 17, I love drawing and designing ocs, roleplaying with mine and others' ocs, and I like to get to know people. :3 My fursona is a panda named Oz De'Grace. Here's a pic of him:

I hope to get to know you all ;w; <3


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Well hey there!
Welcome to the forums!
Hope you find your ace in the forums and enjoy your time here!

Ps: your art's amazing :3

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section
What's the buzz, (sorta) new guy? Welcome to FAF.