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Stray Cat Terry

테리 / 特里 / テリー
Oh meowies, dear Ashton! Welcome to the forums! OwO

Well, you need no in-depth background to back up being 'justified' to be a Furry or anything! You don't even necessarily have to be a Furry, if it's the case!

Anyways, what I wanna say is--make it your home! No pressure, feel free to stroll around and meet some nice people who could either be Furries or not!
At least that's what I believe to be one of the best qualities of FAF! ÙwÚ

Terry here, a stray catto roaming around for potential fun stuffs. Hopefully see you around!

Have pleasant time during the visit! Meowies! >w<

(Oh, and, those owo uwu stuff ain't even mandatory! Do only when you feel like it! Ow<☆)