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Hola everyone.

I frequented the forums like... Idk... 13 years ago or something. Figured rejoining might give me one more thing to do.

I'm Demohr, I live in Virginia USA and in my spare time I play video games and TTRPG's. I DM a few DnD 5e games and I'm a player in another. Games I enjoy typically are single player RPG's, but I do also play MTG: Arena from time to time. I don't really have a Fursona anymore, though I do have several furry characters. I prefer cats and canines, but I'm not really the picky type. I'm bisexual, but happily taken. Uhhh. I think that's about it.

Looking forward to forum crawling again :p


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Salve! That's Latin for hello. Welcome back!


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Hello, welcome back. Just started getting into dnd myself. If I have any questions I know who I can turn to.