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Hi~!! :3


Dragon Master
I go by PriestessShizuka on the internet, but you can call me "Shizuka" or "Shizu" if you like. ^^ My name originates from the character, Shizuka Hio from Vampire Knight, a really great manga I liked, and it means 'silent/peaceful/calm' in Japanese, which describes the nature of my personality. My title originates from my roleplaying friendgroup where we often share fandoms, and when we both watched/read the Yu-Gi-Oh! abridged series and the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga, we began calling each other nicknames like "Pharaoh". I became my friend, the Pharaoh's Priestess. :D Also I like the title because I see my 'sona as a bit of a religious character who likes to represent her deity and spread divine retribution to all her sinful and/or demonic foes. (Like Amaterasu from Okami~!!)

I'm new to the fandom and am very curious to learn more about it and immerse myself into it. I've always loved animals (moreso than humans :p) since I was three, the age I began remembering things about my life til now. As the elder sister, I got to always pick the childhood games my sister and I played, and there was no such thing as the game of 'House'-- we played 'Pet doggies' every time, where we got to pretend to be the pet dogs of the house, and my mother was the owner. XD My family was into horses, so I studied upon the four gates of horse walking, trotting, cantering and galloping, and learned to do it myself. I also often tried imitating my cats' meows, so my friends often say I have a very realistic cat imitation. So there's a bit of my strong background which was a foundation for my easy decision to want to begin considering myself a furry.

I also like drawing anime/manga styled animals, especially wolves, dragons, foxes, cats and dogs. My avatar picture was drawn by me. ^^ I like pokemon and play VGC competitively. My poke'sona is a Vulpix, and my actual fursona is a Japanese kitsune (fox that has some powers, the ability to shapeshift into a human, and grow up to nine tails over the span of its life). Recently this year, I've seen a bunch of fursuit videos, and it got me really really really interested in making my own. I still wish to make my first ever fursuit and wear it at events like Halloween, conventions, ect. If I get better at it and have the funds for it, I'd also like to make a quadsuit. <3

Also if you couldn't tell, I like to write...a lot. XD I sometimes do fanfiction, sometimes write original 'furry' genre fiction, and I'm now working on the concept pages and art of my own original furry subgenre manga~! I have a gajillion or so characters, half of them being the named IV bred and EV trained competitive Pokemon in my Pokemon Y game, the others being mostly wolves and Warrior Cats.

When I first happened upon the term 'furry', it was actually in Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, and I didn't really know what it meant or eluded to. I eventually learned that it referred to the fandom of people who like anthros and dressing up in fursuits, and I didn't think much of it other than I understood that it was one of those things that people probably make fun of and I thought was not weird at all. Then I accidentally wiki'd it and got the weeeird definition of it. Yeah, bad idea. >< But then when I got inspired by watching a trillion fursuit videos on Youtube, I eventually learned the real meaning of furry, and I like to think of it as the fandom that just innocently loves pretending to be animals, and knows how to have a great time~! I thought, "Yeah, that's so me!" So I stepped into the world of the furry fandom. :)

I hope to make friends here and get to know some of you cool people.


Welcome to the new world Shizu!
Hope your suit building goes well. Would love to see your progress.

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all

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