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(Commission) Selling: Hi all! (Character commissions, $35-$65)



Welcome! I'm opening a fresh batch of commission slots for june, so come get them while they're hot!
If you want more examples, I have a small portfolio on FA, and a slightly larger one here on Artstation

August slots;
4- Open!
5- Open!


If you're interested, post or DM me here, or on my FA profile. I'll need;

-A reference for any characters you want. A visual reference is great, but a written description works as well. If it's a fandom character, just link me a few good screenshots. :)

-The poses/expressions you want. A simple prompt like "Draw them hugging" or "Draw her falling asleep on the couch" works fine!

-Your paypal account name.

Once we've confirmed what you want, I'll send you a paypal invoice. Once I've recieved payment, I will start work on your commission as soon as possible!

(If you commission me, you agree to my terms of service, listed here)
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