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Hi, and hello. Cool and nice. Introduction project by me (long title)


is this housepets
hi so I'm [forum username]

I actually don't know what I'm doing but here we go

I made a account some years ago, forgot password and I don't want to try and remember it because I am not who I was. Also after the forums were down and all of that I bet every account got deleted.

So about me, I'm a friendly individual that likes a lot of things. I like communicating with weird strangers even though I tend to use more image boards than forums. I love furry web comics, animated animal movies and short movies. yeah animals are bretty gud.

I don't like tomatoes

I am a visual art beginner, literature pleb and an informatics drop out to science. I would love to git gud with art one day. I also make all kinds of youtube videos.

I'm obviously open minded like you all of you weirdos so don't hesitate to throw me everything you got!

edit : oh yeah I almost forgot

Species : crow

there =)


Woof? Woof
A crow, huh.

Welcome to the forums, mate.

Hope you enjoy your stay.