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Hi everybody!


Le Friendly Snep
Hi everyone! I'm Leah & I'm new to both the furry fandom & this forum. I don't have any art of my fursona but I am a lavender colored snow leopard.

I'm a little bit shy but I warm up pretty fast.

I like to listen to music, watch movies & dabble in drawing. I spend a fair amount of time online playing games & socializing. I collect plushies & I enjoy art, as long as it's clean. I have a pretty active imagination & just love to be silly.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you & being a part of this forum!


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there, and welcome! We're a friendly bunch, so don't be too shy : )

Also, does the snow leopard also smell like lavander?

Odd, I may be a skunk, but I tend to buy lavender bath soaps : P

Hope ya have fun here.
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Le Friendly Snep
Thank you! Yes, as a matter of fact she does! She spent so much time in the lavender fields picking flowers that her fur smells of Lavender permanently.

I love the smell of lavender & it's such a pretty flower & shade of purple.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Anyone who permanently smells like lavender is someone I want to be around! I love the scent of lavender.

Anyway, welcome to FAF!

The Unwanted One

I try my best... sometimes
Hello! Bit of a late reply, but welcome to the fandom and forums. Hope you’ll have a great time here and meet many friendly people, although I must warn you there are some jerks on here too. Btw, your fursona sounds really nice, and I love the fact that you also made her smell of lavender along with being a lavender color.