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Hi, everybunny, I'm new here!


Bubbles Bunny
My name's Bubbles! I'm a European hare, and I'm kind of confused and overwhelmed right now... I don't really know how to navigate yet, but I'd love to meet some nice friends. If you could give me advice, or a few pointers on what to do, I'd be glad!

Tezzy Fur

Well-Known Member
Hi bubbles, *paw wave*

Welcome to FA, really glad you decided to come and say hello. Don't worry, I was just like you when I joined and now I love being here. You'll have no trouble making friends and everyone will be as nice to you as they were to me. so it works like a lot of forums, just check out what people are chatting about and post if you want to join in. You can ask about furry stuff, get some tips or just chat about Game of Thrones, it's pretty laid back. Come and say hello anytime you like, my name's Tezzy Fur, your resident happy husky :p

*husky hug* x


Otterest Sergal evah!
HIYAAAAA! There, youre greeted, and I got my martial arts practice in for the day. YAY multitasking!


Woof? Woof
Welcome to the forum, darlin'.

Hope you enjoy your stay.


Oh boy a bunny! :)

Welcome to the forums, I hope you enjoy your stay :)