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Hi everyone!!! :D


New Member
Hello everyone!
My name is Alex, I'm 22 years old and I live around the south bay area in California. I'm relatively new to the furry fandom, and I'm hoping I can make a lot of friends here on FA.

Nice to meet you all! :)
Enzay <3


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hellu, You can call me Tezzy, im a slight artist ( i do furry and anime )
I have been in the furry fandom for a while and I reside in Germany~


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Well since you took your time out to greet me, I'd say I should do the same! XD Welcome! I'm sure it'll be fun having you around friend! :D


The One Eyes Don't See *spooky
Welcome to the Forum! Sure you'll fit right in on this 'ere forum crawl.
Can't offer directions. How about a cup of tea?