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Hi Everyone, Hope you're all well.


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Hope ya looked up Nick Wilde with safe search on. ;)


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Well, that is why some furs have multiple sonas or even hybrid sonas, so as to express different character attributes!
Ah, well that’s good. I would definitely feel happy knowing you can morph or even adjust the traits of the character rather than being one-dimensional.

And the tests are just a guide for ideas, they gave me skunk and cat before I settled on squirrel! Some furs take months just choosing a species, and it can change over time!

Guess sonas aren’t just an overthink thing, I mean.. if what you say is true, then it can make sense as people change over time. I would imagine sonas would be no different.

Just don't rush it, you don't wanna put a lot of time, money, and effort into a design you won't be happy with!

I’ll do my best for sure, I would love to work with someone in the future and pay them for their hard work on my sona once I come to an agreement. It’ll make it easier to work with and use for RPs and stuff.

The elk and wolf idea could work out well! Could be a case of the elk having species dysphoria!

I think so too, kind of something to mull over.