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Hi everyone!


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Hi everyone, I'm ZeroFenrir or just Zero for short.

I'm a digital artist who also occasionally does 3D-modeling and animation but currently I'm focusing on making NSFW artwork. I haven't posted much on fA yet but I have many art pieces planned for the near future that I'm intending to draw. Right now I'm pretty occupied with studies but graduation is hopefully soon, so I can finally start getting more involved with the furry community.

I also love storytelling and making forum adventures was a dear hobby for me a while back. Back when I was part of the Homestuck fandom, I used to run some forum adventures on MSPAforums. Sadly those forums are now gone. If there is a forum category/discussion place here where I could host some forum adventures/CYOA threads, I'd love to do so at some point again. If you are familiar with Kazerad's Prequel Adventure, my stories have usually been inspired and influenced by his storytelling in terms of narration and structure so expect something similar to that from my stories.

Anyways, excited to talk to you guys and thanks for being such a wonderful community.


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Heyo and welcome! I am most certainly familiar with Katia Managan’s exploits, though it’s been awhile since I checked on the comic.


going back to the forest (they/them)
hey there Zero welcome in!


Getting thru it all
Hiya Hiya welcome!