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Hi, Hello! Returning to Something Familiar...

So, hello! You can call me Kess! I was a part of the community, oh... maybe 7 years ago but had to take a step away. I'm still not sure if I want to be back for good, but I do have the itch to write again, so, here we are. To preface: I am less a furry than I am furry-adjacent. I appreciate the community as I am, much as I can appreciate the LGBTQ+ community by being Ace. (for those of you confused by that statement, it's a long story.)

I started a FA account mainly because I've got the itch to start writing (and drawing) again. The series I'm working on centers around my kink/passion/general interest in transformations, so if you're into that kind of stuff, hellooooo!

Oh right, personal information. I'm an artist and writer. I'm moving soon, back to the PNW, where the Green is Queen (not a pot reference, just, you know, the greenness of nature as a whole). I've been trapped in the Midwest for the past few years and - while it's pleasant at points - it's just not home. I have two cats, and a partner that I love to pieces who is supportive of my pastimes, and I of his. If you're another writer, artist, or just interested person, feel free to pop in and say hello!


Just a fox.
Hello there! Welcome / welcome back!

I hope you have a nice time here. I'm an artist and a writer, as well. That's nice that you're moving back out to where you love; I almost moved up around Oregon but went to western North Carolina instead (mountains!). But it's really beautiful out that way (rainy days fuel my soul).

But anyways! Welcome and I look forward to seeing what you draw / write!