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Hi Hi im new ^-^


Hey everyone, Im new and Im a pretty nice furry I like R.Ping and other stuff lol

I dont like Rap music i think its just the same sound and beat everytime and theres no instruments being used at all..
However i like Rock, Heavy metal, and video game tracks. my favorite band is AC/DC. and i know a lot about them

I also like, Disturbed, Metallica, Crush 40, And Jackyl and some others

My favorite video games are Sonic and Mario/yoshi games, Megaman, gutair hero, rockband, Fire pro (im a wrestling fan ok?), and some halo.

and yes, I am a wrestling fan, you just cant take that away from me, I don't like WWE, cause, i grew out of it,
I watch ROH (Ring of honor) some of you dunno what it is (i think) so thats about it for the wrastlin thing

My furry charictor is a Red Fox x3 i will try to get a pic of that charictor in my avvy soon..

So that is basically about me. x3 i hope i meet lots of friendly furrys here =3


Oh! Finally another wrestling fan! ^^ Welcome to the forums, hope you have a great time and here *hands FA map*