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Hi I am Crunchy_Croc I am 18 years and i am from swisstzeland in the french region of Vaud
i know this site for 3 years but it is for one week that i register my account (i have a previous accout but it was only for lurking and i lost it).

I draw for 1.5 years and this is pretty new to me but i progress quickly .I do tradionnal stuff with pen but also with maker and i have a old wacom tablett that a friend lend to me.

my account is Userpage of Crunchy_Croc -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

i love bara and anatomy and complexe perspective. at frist I don't have the level of some artiste like null ghost or waddledox but i still learnning and i will maybe make commission.

My fursona is an original species called evolvus. it's a shark/crocodile hybrid that love to sleep under the sun and eat fish.

I also would like to know who to get much attention on my page beacause i only have one watcher (because i want advice for improving).

I hope you will like my page i post often and sorry for my english if there is mistake because it is not my native language.


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Welcome to FAF!

Anyway, when it comes to art, I think digital art gets more views than hand drawn!

And kinks, fetishes, and NSFW art also gets more attention as well!

But no matter what, the more art you have, the more views you're likely to get, and practice, so you can improve your skills, cause well made art can also lead to views!

Also, doing requests for other furs can also be helpful, as many furs watch artists they've gotten art from!


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Welcome! Have a cookie!

And now I know there’s a French region in Vaud. :)