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Hi, i am new in this place


New Member
Hi, i new in this place and my know better nickname is FenaLoves (in other sites)....
i like furry because i love Old anthropomorphic animals (specially dogs like Scooby Doo) and admits like all types of furryart :D
I like anime, manga; alternative, dance and britpop music (includes a Blur tattoo) and try to draw xD. well, I am studying sociology.
in other news, i am girl Tomboy

Sorry my bad english.


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Welcome to the site. I'm pretty new here too, but it's nice to meet some new people. Hope you enjoy yourself here, and don't worry too much about your English, it's pretty good. :)


Professional Watermelon Farmer
Hey there and welcome! My dad is a sociology teacher, at a community college, and so, I am also fond of the field! Nice thing to study, good change of pace from the 'hard' sciences.

I'm also a fan of older cartoons, and such...

Hope you have fun, here!


The Adopted Dreemurr
*pops into chat* Heya, whats up? I'm a new furry too, and If any of you didn't know, I'm a furry 'cause they look cool to me.