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Hi I Never Introduced my Avian Self Here


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Hi I am sawblade5, I am an Avian from Kansas City, KS. My fursona is a Red-Tailed Hawk as they are my most favorite creatures around and seem to share a few interests with me. (like thrill seeking and roads and highways) I only heard about the fur fandom just a couple years ago and gotten more involved with it. I have yet to attend any major Fur Cons but I am been to a meet (Elliot's Winter Carnival 2009) and been on Funday Pawpet Show a couple of times. (Episodes 404 and 421) I am planing on going to a Major Event in November at Midwest Furfest 2009. I hope to meet many furs I have heard so much about there and see some really awesome fursuits.

For a long time long (since 1999 or 2000) before I even heard about the fandom, I have been wanting a Red-Tailed Hawk fursuit, so I have commissioned Onai-Wolfwind to get it done even though she having troubles now and is 2 months overdue on getting the suit done, the only picture of that suit being worked on is here: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/2543313. I hope my wait is well worth it when I get it. I also recently starting on getting my hands dirty on doing some of my work so I ordered a Bald Eagle Outfit and be needing some work on it to get it fit to where I like it, I have posted a thread about in the Suits and Suiters forum about some help I need on finding the right fur for that project, and I am currently waiting on the moderation que for that post to show up.

My interests I have is: Roller Coasters, Birds of Prey (I like other birds too but Raptors are my favorite type), Road Geek, Railfan, Geocaching, and Video Games. My FA page is at: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sawblade5/, I post photographs there, I wish I had the tools and the steady hands to do some great artwork I have seen here but I seem to be much better with my camera. My occupation is being a Auto Worker at the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant, where we build the Buick Lacrosse (Allure if it's being shipped to Canada, the reason for that name is another topic NSFW except where I work at XD), Chevy Malibu, and the Saturn Aura.

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Kansas City, Kansas? Sweet, i'm over in Kansas City, Missouri. I'm always surprised to hear that there are more furs in the KC area. Welcome to the forums! :}


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Welcome in FA, hope you'll enjoy the stay! ^^

Yum, birds, watch your back, rawr! ;)


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*nods* yes, glad you decided to join! ^^ Have fun!

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*waves webbed foot, hands you coffee*

An avian huh? Haven't encounter too many of those, but the ones I have encountered are just righteous. I like the flying ones (I have the features of a duck, but I'm confused on things, but that's another story.)

Welcome to the forums and enjoy yourself. And careful...lots of felines about...don't want you being a snack. :)


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This hawk does not fear no feline. Some felines are considered food for the hawks. So I am not afraid of em. :>


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This hawk does not fear no feline. Some felines are considered food for the hawks. So I am not afraid of em. :>

I doubt a hawk could take off with a tiger in its claws


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Another Kansas face! There's an actual KansasFurs link in FA, by the way.