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Hi, I'm a freelance illustrator and french comics student


Freelance Illustrator
Hi, it's my first post here, and I just created my Fur affinity profile. I'm not very comfortable with the very old aesthetic of the site, but I'll figure out how it works :D

So I'm 23yo, in a school in France to become a comics artist. I'm already a freelance illustrator, working for various tabletop rpg universes.

I have more anthros than furry in my gallery, but it'll probably change later ;)
Here are my other platforms if you want to check more of my art :
Artstation : http://artstation.com/garnouille_art
Instagram : http://instagram.com/garnouille_art
Facebook : http://facebook.com/garnouille.art
Twitter : http://twitter.com/Garnouille_Art
Twitch : http://twitch.tv/garnouille_art
Mail : lapetitegarnouille@gmail.com

My commissions are open too, if you are interested contact me :)

commissions are available 3 - Copie.jpg


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Welcome! Have cookie!

You should consider contacting Rossi Publishing Games. I know the publisher there is always looking for reliable people with experience in RPG illustration.